Height Safety Management & Induction App

Australia's First Purpose Built Height Safety App

Introducing HawkPro. The very first Australian made purpose-built state-of-the-art App specifically designed for the Height Safety industry. More than just an app, it is a complete management system that you can hold in the palm of your hand. The HawkPro App is exclusive to HawkPro Safety Members and is part of the HawkPro Safety range of height safety products. To find a HawkPro Authorised Member near you or to apply to become a member please email us via our contact page. 

How Can The HawkPro App Help YOU? 

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With HawkPro you can,

  • Quickly and efficiently digitally record all height safety system information
  • Create a searchable data base of all height safety serial numbers and batch codes
  • Capture photographic evidence of installations and inspections
  • Reduce inspection times  and paperwork by up to 80%*
  • Automatically produce high quality Installation and Inspection reports
  • Automatic inspection reminders
  • Store all system documents, Roof Plans, Spec Sheets, User Manuals etc, in one location for easy client access
  • Provide your clients with state of the art onsite Video Inductions
  • Allow your clients to monitor their sites remotely
  • Take unprecedented control of your operations

The HawkPro App is exclusive to HawkPro Safety Members. To find out more please click here to Contact Us  

HawkPro – Its height safety made easy!

HawkPro & Your Privacy 

We take your privacy extremely seriously. We ensure that your client’s information is safe and secure. At no point will any of your data be provided to any third party. 

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As a HawkPro Partner you can create your very own administration access portal. Giving you amazing control and flexibility. From your portal you can manage all your clients and their information in a safe and secure environment, from one easy to use platform. You can customise all documents, adding your own company logo and colours. Providing your clients with 24hour access to all their system information.

Onsite you can create detailed installation and inspection reports in seconds, using the apps powerful QR Code scanning and voice dictation features. Quickly build system safety reports using the extensive pre-loaded systems library. With the multi user function, accurately capture and record more information than ever before by having unlimited number of installers all using the app at the same time. Voice dictation allows you to record directly into the app, information such as component models, serial numbers and notes simply by speaking into your smart device. Drastically reducing time onsite while increasing efficiency and accuracy. As you enter the systems information, HawkPro automatically builds a fully traceable data base of all your systems product serial numbers. Allowing you to track all your products in the event of a product recall. 

The First Height Safety Client Video Induction System

Provide Your clients with their very own Height Safety Induction and Management system. The app allows them to remotely monitor their sites and control who goes on their roof with the self-registration system. Build your clients a site specific height safety video induction from the extensive app library. Workers have full access to all site documents you have uploaded to your clients profile. This can include Roof plans, specification sheets, user manuals and site specific safety information. 

This greatly assists your clients to comply with their legal duty of care to provide system specific information and non-accredited training to anyone who is about to use their systems. 

Is HawkPro available on all devices?

YES! The HawkPro app is available on both iOS and Android and is free to download. 


*Disclaimer : 80% time saved is an estimate only. Tests conducted using trained installers. Estimate of reducing paperwork by 80% takes into consideration no site paperwork required and reports generated by the app sent via email. Actual time saved may vary depending upon site requirements and experience level of installers.